Lower Wharfedale

Current Conditions:

feels like 0.5°C
High: 3.3°C
Low : -6.4°C
Trend: -0.9°C/hr

Forecast: increasing clouds with little temp change.

Wind:  S 0.0 mph
Gust:  2.0 mph S at 16:34
Barometer:  29.915 in.  Steady
Humidity:  79%    Cloud Height:  1328ft
Today's Rain:  0.0mm
Yesterday's Rain:  0.0mm
UV index:  0.0     Solar:  0 W/M²
Sunrise:  08:02     Sunset:  15:49

UPDATED: 17:25 DATE: 02 December 2023

Severe Weather Warnings

Met Office Warnings for Yorkshire & Humber:

Yellow warning of snow, ice affecting Yorkshire & Humber
Thursday January 01, 1970

BBC 3 Day Outlook

Tonight: Heavy Snow Showers
    Low: 0°C (31°F)

Sunday: Mist
    Low: -1°C (31°F) High: 1°C (35°F)

Monday: Light Rain
    Low: 1°C (34°F) High: 4°C (39°F)